Cisco SDM - How do I Download + Configure it?

Cisco SDM (Security Device Manager) is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) based Software for Configuring/Managing Cisco Routers. Its a great tool for Small Businesses and for IT Professionals alike since it allows non-Cisco folks to configure Cisco Routers even if they don't have an intimate know-how of the CLI (Command Line Interface). The reason Cisco is getting into GUI style of configuration is because its competitors like Juniper, Checkpoint etc. have gained a decent market share over the past few years by being leaders in GUI based Networking products. Although, in the background, its all CLI that does the magic but the market/customers demand ease of use & that is what GUI based Softwares provide.

Here is the link for downloading SDM:

Once downloaded & installed. Here is what you need to do - bare minimum - on your router for the SDM to be able to communicate with the Router. Its a 4 Step Configuration Process -->

  1. Assign IP to the Router's Ethernet Interface & PC in the same Subnet, of course :-). Also verify Layer 3 connectivity by pinging.

  2. Create a User Account on your Router (via CLI):

  3. Enable HTTP &/or HTTPS on your Router:

  4. Enable local authentication for HTTP/HTTPS on your Router: