About Naj

I am Naj Qazi.  I’ve been a network engineer for over 17 years.  Since my childhood I’ve always had a technology bug in me.  I grew up playing video games.  Early on in my educational journey, I did pre-medical since I wanted to become a genetic engineer.  However I switched to computer science since to me learning technology was like playing video games i.e. easy & natural.  I ended up getting a Bachelor’s degree in computer information systems.  Right after I started working on my Master’s degree in network security, but ended up dropping out since I didn’t feel much value in spending time & money in a traditional education path, because along the way I also picked up a bunch of IT certifications.  And these IT certifications gave me a much wider exposure to various technologies than a traditional education would ever have.

Right after completing my undergrad degree, my professional career took off & I rose through the ranks in the IT world, starting as a help desk analyst and ending up as a senior network engineer.  Along the way I also became a technology instructor & an adjunct faculty professor at DeVry University.  For the past decade, I’ve held various roles in sales engineering.  My entire career path has been a humbling & exciting experience.

Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate enough to coach & mentor many people, who ended up achieving great success in their careers.  I am humbled by this opportunity presented by the flow of life.  To continue this endeavor & to reach global audience, I’ve decided to launch this website, coupled with my YouTube channel, to help you become a network engineer, with or without a college degree.

My ultimate goal here is to share knowledge, help you differentiate yourself & achieve greatness in life.


Your Engineer, Coach & Mentor

Naj Qazi

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